מופע השוליים 88 - כרית של דם, סיניות מכות וספיידרמן

בררררוכים השבים למופע השוליים של קיטרו.
השבוע מתארח באולפננו בחור צעיר שכבר הופיע בעבר ומטרתו העיקרית היא למשוך אש. אנו מבקשים מקהל מאזיננו לשלוח נאמות וקריאות גנאי לבחור.
מעבר לזה תוכלו ליהנות השבוע מפרטים עסיסיים על הקורה ברחבי העולם, בין השאר על כפר סיני שהוקם ע"י נשים עבור נשים ושם לגברים מצפה הפתעה גדולה מאוד. בנוסף, אנו חושפים מי יגן על הגבול הימי ברוסיה, למה זה בריא לעשן וממה צריכים להזהר אופנוענים שמשתינים בצד הכביש.
ניר מביא חדשות מעולם הקולנוע כולל חדשות על סרטו החדש של רידלי סקוט ופרטים מאתר הצילומים של ספיידרמן 3.

הקובץ לחצו כפתור ימני על הקישור הבא
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chahca - the live search

Ever got to a point where you just looking a subject on the web and get 1,342,453 results?How do you which one are goods and which are spam sites or dead ones?How do you even start a search if your not web-savvy?enters chacha.comon this site you can do a normal search, or ask for a guide.this will bring a dialogue box within a human guide will show up (textually) and try to help you get the information you need.It seems to take longer but bare in mind that the guide is in fact doing the search for you and going through the results in order to find the most relevant information for you.This is pretty amazing.
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French filmmaker sues Google Video

A French film company filed a lawsuit against Google in the Paris Commercial Court, charging the search giant with copyright infringement.

Flach Film says that Google acted not as a simple host but as a fully responsible publisher in allowing Google Video users to stream or download the Flach-produced documentary, Le monde selon Bush, or The World According to Bush.

The film, which no longer appears to be available on the French Google Video site, had more than 43,000 views in a short period of time, Flach said. The Google Video site displays a tally of how many people have viewed each video.

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3D Logic

This one is a 3D flash color puzzle. At each stage you’re to find a path between each color-matching squares. There are 30 different stages. The first ones are fairly easy, but they grow harder and harder.
A just advice: don’t start if you don’t have enough free time to finish it, it’s addictive!

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The Amy Winfrey Trilogy

Amy Winfrey might not be that good at drawing and animating, but she sure does have a wonderfully sick sense of humor! So far she has created three flash series: Making Fiends (about 20 episodes), Big Bunny (7 episodes) and MuffinFilms (12 episodes). Each is quite insane in its own way. Be prepared for squeaky singing, ruthless violence and catchy quotes that won't leave, even when people start staring at you.
"Eat vegetables with every meal,
Or your lips will start to peel,
And your eyeballs will fall out,
And your feet will smell like trout"

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Big Bunny >>
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* Writen with Asaf!
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Human Upgrades

I really, truly hope these are fake. I mean I'm pretty sure they are... but maybe I'm not that up-to-date with the bio-tech field.
Anyway if you think bone wedding rings are cool, this is the next stage.

The interesting stuff is in the products section, to save you a few seconds.

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