zoie braun (zoie_braun) wrote in fruitsotw,
zoie braun

The Amy Winfrey Trilogy

Amy Winfrey might not be that good at drawing and animating, but she sure does have a wonderfully sick sense of humor! So far she has created three flash series: Making Fiends (about 20 episodes), Big Bunny (7 episodes) and MuffinFilms (12 episodes). Each is quite insane in its own way. Be prepared for squeaky singing, ruthless violence and catchy quotes that won't leave, even when people start staring at you.
"Eat vegetables with every meal,
Or your lips will start to peel,
And your eyeballs will fall out,
And your feet will smell like trout"

Making Fiends >>
Big Bunny >>
MuffinFilms >>


* Writen with Asaf!
Tags: humor, watch it
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