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Internet Movie Poster Awards

While giving out verbal citations once a year, most of the time this site is an infallible source for the hottest movie posters around and versions of them from around the world.
If you're like me, and you hate reading reviews of movies before you see them, this really comes in handy. for instance I can't wait for 'Hostel' , based on it's posters. If you're a bit saner though, you'll enjoy the lush artistic talents and/or the dull "huge head in the sky" compositions of the Hollywood poster industry. The site also contains a top 10 box office list, a "coming up" list and a odd yet addictive poster puzzle section.

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There’s a new girl in town, ladies and gents. She’s gorgeous, she’s hip and she knows what’s stirring. It’s the lady Marmalade!
This is the Hebrew version of Daily Candy, and it’s about the only real city we have – Tel-Aviv!
Prepare yourselves for some daily (starting on February?) sweet-bits about fashion, food, culture and any other kind of fun stuff.
I oughta admit, some of the things there are “Gallery” style, and lie far beyond the borders of my budget, but others are great tips, and everything is definitely good to know.

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Gullible.info - Everything On The Internet Is True

• More people each year are killed by hippos than are killed by lions, coatis, tigers, sharks, crocodiles, impalas, leopards and antelopes combined.

• Even today, impalement remains a legal method of execution in six countries.

• There are twice as many hats in Canada than there are citizens.

It's a strange world out there, and Gullible.info brings you the bullet points. Amazing and amusing facts on a semi daily basis (meaning every couple of days), but nothing too silly or trashy.
If you have any doubt about the validity of their info can read about their M.O. here

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A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible

By far the best web-comics I've seen to date. Actually it transcends the genre, having no plot and not going for more than a laugh (not that that's a bad thing)

It's artsy without being pompous and the drawing is amazing and vibrant. It tackles philosophical and semantic issues light-heartedly and humorously. Being a highly ambitious project, it has a few low points, especially at the start. Anyway These are my favorites, but most of their work truly tangents with genius.
Also, in the right upper corner of the page you'll find a link to tile comics, which is a side project, but still worth a few minutes of your time.

They are on some sort of brake/re-organizing phase but updated weekly before, and hopefully will again.

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