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fruitsotw's Journal

Fruits of the Web
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What are we doing here?

Well, we just love the internet.
You won't believe some of the things you can find there.
Well, maybe you would.
Anyway, we like to share the things we love.

Who's "we" anyway?

It's me, zoie_braun. Also, it's my boyfriend asafnn, and sickbar, who's one of my best friends.
Of course, you're very welcome to send us (each of us) links that you think would fit in, and if you're really into it, you can ask me to join the staff.

The tags
Each entry (which means each link) has tags; usually one, sometimes more. If you press one of the tags, you'll be given a list of entries on the same issue.

What's with the tiny icons?
They're here to tell you something we think you should know about the link.

We are all Israelis, so naturally some of the sites we link to are in Hebrew. If you don't know Hebrew, you can skip the sites marked with these icons.

We all hate it when we listen joyously to our favorite song, and all of a sudden some site we just opened starts playing its own soundtrack. These is a warning for such content.

This is a sign that means the site you are about to view is advertisement. It might have a really cool design, or might contain a cool game, but it's still trying to sell you something.

Anything else?
Not really.
But if you think of anything, do tell.